Do You Need A Breakthrough?

I sincerely believe Breakthrough's occur in the Spirit before they manifest in the natural. In other words what we see in the natural is a direct reflection of what has happened in the Spirit Realm or is happening in the Spirit Realm. Fasting Accelerates many things in the spiritual realm allowing "Breakthroughs" to occur more frequently.
Let us start by defining what Breakthrough Means.

1. a military movement or advance all the way through and beyond an enemy's front-line defense. 2.
an act or instance of removing or surpassing an obstruction or restriction; the overcoming of a stalemate: The president reported a breakthrough in the treaty negotiations. 3.
any significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase, as in scientific knowledge or diplomacy, that removes a barrier to progress: The jet engine was a major breakthrough in air transport.
POWERFUL isn't it?

My personal definition of Breakthrough pertaining to Spiritual Things is this...

When God Breaks You Through!!!

Through What?
What ever it is that is holding you back, whatever it is that is keeping you from walking in all he has for you or whatever it is that is keeping you from accomplishing that which God desires for you to accomplish.

God desires to Break you through hinderances, dangerous mindsets, heart issues, wounds of the past, others people's opinions, a troubled marriage, etc. This list can continue so no matter the struggle or trouble God can deliver.

As I studied the definition on Breakthrough the word enemy leaped off the page. When I think about the word Enemy what comes to mind is someone or something that may be harmful to us or cause us harm. Fasting will cause our enemy's to be put under subjection allowing us to move free and unhindered while we enter into a place where stagnation doesn't remain. As you continue to yield yourself through fasting and praying, identify the enemy or enemies in your life and understand that there is nothing too hard for God. He is a God of the Impossible.

Jeremiah 32:17 (King James Version)
Lord GOD! Behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee.
Earlier, I stated that Breakthroughs occur in the Spirit before they manifest in the natural. It is very wise to seek God for insight if there are any hidden things that may be hindering your breakthrough from manifesting in the natural. Ask God these questions....

What's holding me back?
What's hindering me?
What's stifling me?

Fasting For Breakthrough will identify different areas that hinder "Breakthroughs" in our lives while also providing a solution to Breaking Through the Hinderances.